Two Weeks…

Two weeks from today I go under the knife for the first time in my life for hernia surgery. you might say that I have had a charmed life to be 30 before I had surgery for the first time, and you might be right. Some have surgeries as soon as they are born, some never have surgery. Either way I am pretty nervous.

I am the kind of guy that freaks out at the dentist. I hate being in a bed, or chair being the center of attention, with tubes hanging out of me, or work being done to me of any kind. add to that the idea of being unconscious, naked, and having someone digging around in my guts. No Thanks!!!

Then there is the recovery part. Think about how many things that you do with your stomach muscles. Fart, cough, sneeze, poop, walk, stand up, roll over in bed. All of these require ab muscles. So, for a few weeks I am going to be hurting every time I move. yay again!!!

I know in the greater scheme of things hernia surgery is pretty tame. I also know that the doctors do so many of these that they know what they are doing and could probably do it blind folded… still doesn’t help too much.

Today I went to the preop doctor’s appointment for my surgery where they gave me books about the possible complications with infection, recovery, re-occurrence of injury, and anesthesia. Thanks doc but not helping.

Then if you add that I am on a really strict diet, and the fact that nine days afterward I am supposed to attempt to drive aprox. 1200 miles to my older brother’s wedding in Mass., and financial woes that arise because of all this fun!

A bit stressed out.

However I do get some time off of work. That is nice.

Hopefully the time off of work, the road trip, and the Atlantic ocean will be enough to relive my stress and relax my weary mind.

What was your first surgery?

What was it  like before and after?

Does anyone have any tips about how to relieve stress?

Thanks for reading



~ by JPEG on August 18, 2010.

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  1. HAHAHA this is awesome and deffinately worth a read!

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