Concrete and Gold


A week ago, Foo Fighters released their newest album Concrete and Gold.

The first time listening to this album was in the car with my wife. The first song, “T-Shirt,” starts a little quiet, so we turned it up to max and bent close to the speakers, trying to hear what was happening. Then the song comes in full volume. My wife screamed, and I swerved all over the highway. After a good laugh, the song “Run” comes on, and I was instantly hooked. This is why I have loved this band for the last twenty two years. They are constantly pushing themselves to make music that is exciting, excellent, and rocks your face off.

Over the past week I have listened to little else besides Concrete and Gold. The stylistic experimentation, combined with the hard rocking sweet spot that we all have come to expect, makes this a great album. Lyrically, this album deals with content that is entertaining and poignant.

“The Sky is A Neighborhood” manages to address thoughts that have been fresh in my mind lately. Grohl points out that all that we can see in the sky above is just a neighborhood in the vastness of the universe. The chorus conjures the image of Grohl banging on the ceiling, asking the universe to “keep it down,” as he tries to set aside the fear of his mortality  long enough to sleep. He seems to understand the appeal of heaven as a means to quiet the fear of hurtling through the universe, while clinging to the existence that is all that we know to be real. This song does a great job of exploring the anxiety of standing on the edge of the universe and trying not to go insane. Meanwhile, We keep ourselves distracted with choosing teams and acting foolish on this rock we call earth. Grohl warns us not to get lost as we wage war with our minds over these realities.

Early last year, the world lost the amazing Glenn Frey of the Eagles. The song “Sunday Rain” on Concrete and Gold seems to be a great homage to Frey and the Eagles. It is in the vein of “King of Hollywood,” and would be at home on The Eagles The Long Run album. The guitars drip with a Joe Walsh feel, yet the song manages to stay firmly in the Foo Fighters wheel house.

This album is an excellent follow up to the concept album Sonic Highways, that was recorded at iconic studios all over the U.S. Concrete and Gold rocks hard while keeping my interest on a lyrical and musical level. If you haven’t partaken of this latest installment of the Foo saga, then you definitely should check it out.


~ by JPEG on September 22, 2017.

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